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Head of the Class! 3 Gorgeous "Smart" Watches

By Elise Nussbaum


These three timepieces seamlessly integrate the use of technology while maintaining the signature appearance of each individual brand.
TAG Heuer Connected Watch
Connected Watch
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TAG Heuer Connected Watch
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The “TAG” stands for “Technologie d’Avant-Garde,” so it should come as no surprise that TAG Heuer is one of the first entrants into the “smartwatch” field, which is sure to take on more comers in the months and years to come! The masculine watch combines TAG Heuer’s signature aesthetic with functions such as Accelerometer, gyroscope, tilt detection sensor, microphone and haptic engine, all within a titanium case.

de GRISOGONO Samsung Gear S2 by de GRISOGONO
Samsung Gear S2 by de GRISOGONO
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Samsung Gear S2 by de GRISOGONO
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de GRISOGONO’s partnership with Samsung unites two iconic brands for a totally distinct look and function on the wrist. Galuchat strap and black diamonds are among the many touches that make this model immediately recognizable as a de GRISOGONO original. An haute jewelry watch in its own right, this gold timepiece houses Samsung Gear S2 technology. The two worlds only appear to be in opposition, in fact enhancing each other for the ultimate in luxury. The diamond-set gold bezel rotates around the dial, at times hidden by portions set with black diamonds. Rotating the bezel intuitively opens up a world of possibilities, like rubbing a magic lamp to free the genie within.

Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch
Horological Smartwatch
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Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch
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Available in men’s and women’s versions, Frederique Constant retains a more traditional watch construction (physical hands and dial instead of a touchscreen), but slips a bionic brain in among the model’s inner workings. A dedicated app syncs up with the classic-looking watch to provide the wearer with all the information needed for seamless travel and optimized habits.