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Spin Doctors

Using technology and focused training, two young entrepreneurs are attempting the impossible: fixing your golf swing.

Joe Sheren (left) and Tommy Asuma use data to analyze your golf game.

Just ask Jordan Spieth: Golf is hard. It not only gets in your head, but it also can be physically demanding. Don’t buy it? Watch any tournament on television and look at the trim pros striding athletically up the fairway.

To address these conjoined grim realities, Joe Sheren and Tommy Asuma opened a business whose bold premise is that if you want to better your game, you’re going to have to get serious. That is to say, I don’t think they would mind me issuing this caveat: Don’t visit SMART Golf & Fitness Instruction unless there is a part of you that truly wants to hit longer, score better and take money from your friends.

“This is difficult,” says Asuma, who oversees the fitness aspect of the business. “But most guys who come in here want to do whatever it takes to drop three, four, five strokes from their game.”

“Exercise is moving more toward function than in the direction of giving you a beach body,” says Sheren—who focuses on golf mechanics.

Their knowledge about, and interest in, each other’s specialty is indicative of their holistic approach. The acronym stands for Stability Mobility Assessed Restorative Training—which Sheren says ultimately means “teaching people how to practice.”

Clients start first with a high-tech swing analysis using tools usually employed only by the pros. There’s video, yes, and virtual ball-flight tracking, but also sophisticated sensors attached to your hand and torso that record data on your alignment and posture at address, your pelvis and upper body movement, and other factors that enter into the devilishly complex action of swinging a golf club.

“For so long, golf instruction has been very subjective,” Sheren notes. “You can visit five pros and hear something different from each of them.”

Next, Asuma puts new clients through a series of tests, measuring flexibility across a wide range of movements and identifying weaknesses and strengths—particularly in how they might affect your game. Your slice may have origins deeper than your foot placement.

The pair then generates a report of astonishing depth and, we are sad to report, accuracy. Clients receive a completely custom plan to address physical issues—and then have use of the facility’s gym, hitting bays and locker room.

SMART does have a putting green too, if you go in for that old-fashioned sort of thing. But, really—did that ever work before? Programs $833-$1,600 per month, locations in Lincoln Park and Oak Brook, 561.846.1667