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Dream Weaver

Paintings by artist Paul Heyer at the Museum of Contemporary Art depict out-of-body experiences.


THE ART OF letting go is something Paul Heyer knows well—literally. The artist often finds inspiration for his paintings in exploring what it means to be free from the limits of our physical bodies, including via dreams and the moments just before life and right after death. At this first solo museum exhibition in the U.S. and his first in his hometown of Chicago at the Museum of Contemporary Art Jan. 16-July 1, Heyer digs deeper into this topic with installations in two rooms featuring large paintings, burnt furniture adorned with pieces of shells and a bed-like piece. “I want it to be both heavenly—as in out of this world and out of the constraints of our body—and a little intense,” says Heyer of the exhibit. “I want it to reflect the fact that once you let go of the constraints you are used to, it can get a little scary.”